My Experience


2022 - PRESENT

In my current role at Globant, I have had the privilege of serving as an Senior Android Developer for esteemed clients, including Yape and Ticketmaster. For Yape, I have been involved in maintaining and enhancing their application, while also working on the development of a new version. Additionally, for Ticketmaster, I played a pivotal role in maintaining their application, particularly focusing on functionalities integrated into other companies' apps such as NFL and NBA. This dual experience has allowed me to work on diverse and challenging projects, ensuring the highest quality for our clients.

KotlinJavaJetpack ComposeCoroutinesFlowMVVMKoinGraphQL


2021 - 2022

As an Android Developer Tech Lead, my responsibilities included implementing new functionalities and enhancements to the search screens within the application, resulting in a substantial revenue increase of 1.5 million dollars per month. I spearheaded the implementation of a modular architecture for the search engine, fostering greater scalability and maintainability. Collaboration with the development team and area manager was integral to ensure project synergy, and I also led screen redesign efforts. Throughout this role, I harnessed tools and technologies such as Kotlin, MVVM, and Rx Kotlin to achieve these objectives.

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